Everyone has the right to breathe clean air

Enabling Smart Cities

We use the latest technology to monitor and record air quality and traffic movements in real-time


Air Quality Monitoring

Airscan Air Quality Monitoring solution is a new low-cost sensor technology and data analytics platform that can identify areas of poor air quality in real-time and provide a more complete picture of the air that we are breathing. Pinpointing air pollution where people live, work and play can inform tailored interventions, more effective policies and ultimately lead to cleaner air.

Journey Time Monitoring

Using a combination of Bluetooth, WiFi and Image Recognition sensors we are able to monitor traffic flow, congestion, average speed and vehicle classification.

Captured real-time data is run through the Airscan algorithms and presented onto an online management dashboard, viewable alongside air pollution data. This allows for the ability to monitor traffic congestion and the pollution effects on the environment.


Introducing Airscan Lite!

Airscan Lite is a small particulate matter air quality sensor monitoring PM1, PM2.5, 4 & 10 that’s affordable, easy to install, and provides accurate real-time data directly to your mobile or PC.


It is an easy to set up alternative to other iterations of Airscan, only requiring a mains socket and wifi connection.


Monitoring and understanding the air quality in your area will help to create a greener and healthier place to live.

Now Offering Clean Air as a Service

Airscan has partnered with GojiAir to provide a complete air quality monitoring and filtration solution to destroy 99.5% of air pollutants and help combat COVID-19


Airscan continuously monitors levels of NO2, O3, CO2, VOCs and Particulate Matter.

GojiAir breaks down the pollutants and odours, converting the carcinogenic waste and bad stuff into water and carbon dioxide.



  • Data Insights
  • Integrated Third Party Data Overlay
  • API Open Ended
  • Satellite View of all Air Quality and Traffic Data

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