Getting Your Employees Back to Work

Help your employees  return to the office during the COVID pandemic and guarantee them a safe environment with the state of the art GojiAir Filtration product range.

Importance of Air Filtration

More than a year into the pandemic, scientists are increasingly focusing on airborne transmission as the biggest culprit. The greatest threat from airborne transmission isn’t from large, virus laden droplets that quickly fall to the ground, but from small particles that can linger in the air for hours. 

Is Your Office Air Quality Safe?

In most cases, the concentration of pollution inside buildings is usually about five times higher than the concentration level found outside. Poor indoor air quality can cause sore eyes, headaches and fatigue. In severe cases it can cause respiratory related illness,  heart disease, and other serious health problems.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

Workers are most concerned about returning to work sites due to health and safety risks related to Covid-19. Combing Airscan’s Indoor Air Quality technology that continuously monitors indoor air quality and GojiAir’s Indoor Air Filteration systems will ensure employees are safe at work and put your employees minds at ease.

Reward Employees
Boost your Teams Morale

Reward your returning employees with a personal air filtration device. Boost their confidence and allow them to feel comfortable with their air quality anywhere.

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