B100 - NCCO Air Treatment unit

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Product Information – B100


Max. Power – 40W

Product Dimensions – 340mm x 200mm x 550mm

Weight – 8.5kg

B100 - NCCO Air Treatment unit

Patented Technology NCCO is an innovative technology invented by Member of HKUST Entrepreneurship Program. This unit offers Intelligent Automatic power-off protection system Intelligent restart function Safe Operation.

  • Neutralise 99%* volatile organic compound (VOCs)
  • Uses medical grade HEPA 13 filter for processing down to 0.3 microns
  • Only requires HEPA filter replacement once every year or 4,000 hours, whichever comes first. NCCO replacement once every 5+ years depending on usage
  • Easy filter install / replacement procedure
  • Low power usage

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