C1 - Ceiling/Wall unit (single core)

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Product Information – C1


Max. Power – 20W

Max. Air Flow – 200 cbm/hr

Applicable Area – 30 sqm

Product Dimensions – 325mm x 421mm x 175mm

Weight – 4kg

C1 - Ceiling/Wall Unit (single core)

A Goji Air purifier that is built in which is Suitable for small offices upto 30m2 Designed to be installed in a wall or ceiling which does not require any additional exhaust ventilation. Controls on the unit and comes with a remote control. Unobtrusive and quiet.


Complete with HEPA filter and NCCO reactor.

  • Modular systems which work in tandem with existing HVAC systems
  • Designed to reduce energy costs
  • 3 Fan Speeds (Low / High / Turbo)
  • Airflow Volume <110m3/h
  • Suitable for rooms up 30m2
  • Remote control for easy operation

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