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Product Information – C2


Max. Power – 80W

Max. Air Flow – 800 cbm/hr

Applicable Area – 90 sqm

Product Dimensions – 755mm x 686mm x 200mm

Weight – 21kg

Goji C2 Ceiling Mount (QuadCore)

A powerful and very flexible unit in our industrial range which can easily be placed on walls or into ceilings and which does not require any additional exhaust ventilation.


The C2 includes the world-wide patented NCCo technology and is ideal for the removal of odours, viruses and bacteria, VOCs and formaldehyde from affected areas.


A large Goji air purifier for large offices upto 120m2. Designed to be installed in a ceiling and fits into a 600×600 grid ceiling although requires additional support. Remote control. Unobtrusive and quiet


Complete with 4 HEPA filters and 4 NCCO reactors.

  • Modular systems which work in tandem with existing HVAC systems
  • Designed to reduce energy costs
  • 3 Fan Speeds (Low / High / Turbo)
  • Airflow Volume <400m3/h
  • Suitable for rooms up 90m2

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